Thursday, January 5, 2012

How To Do Everything

How to do Everything

- Steve Smith (aka Red Green) -

I'm on a humour streak, this is the third in a row and by far the funniest. This whole Red Green thing; the duct tape jokes, the terrible handyman stories, and the 'man' views of life's little moments, are all starting to make sense to me. I can finally relate! It's only taken thirty years. With all this life experience under my belt I can relate, which leads to laugh after laugh. I'd say this book is aimed more towards the middle aged man, but, I'm mature for my age...guess that's why I find the underwear jokes so funny?

The book had no storyline. No plot. No real structure of any kind. It is made up of short stories (some no longer than a paragraph), lists of all kinds (mostly relating to handyman screw ups), and a few highlighted boxes filled with handyman tips. So, perfect for the reader who only has a few minutes to waste, or a two minute attention span. In other words, men. Haha, I've just given away half the punchlines in the book.

Now, when I say this book is funny I mean it. I'll give you a play by play of me reading it. *Turn page. Read. Chuckle. Read. Quietly laugh. Read. Snort. Turn page. Read. Giggle. Get funny look from Jen. Read. Laugh and say, "ain't that the truth". Get told to keep it down. Turn page. Read. Stifle Laugh. Get the look again. Turn page. Have to leave the room to laugh.*

Seriously, this book will bring laughs to you and annoyance to those around you. It's that good!


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