Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Duct Tape Is Not Enough

If you follow the Canadian literary scene you will be well aware that CBC's Canada Reads just finished. This years winner: Something Fierce by Carmen Aguirre. The debate was about which books was more Canadian. Which got me thinking about Canadian literature and how I could add some more to my diet of books.

I was reading Duct Tape Is Not Enough at the time, coincidentally, which happens to be written by a Canadian. Although the book was not necessarily about Canada or Canadian culture it was funny...which I believe is a Canadian trait?

I found the format of this book great to read during a true Canadian winter. The short one page stories are wonderful to read while busy doing typical Canadian things:

-While waiting for snow tires to be put on your car at Canadian Tire. You know you are going to be interrupted many times because they'll find more things that need fixing and replacing

-While waiting in the Tim Horton's drive thru line on a Sunday morning just as the church next door lets it's worshippers out.

-While ice fishing

-While riding as a passenger on a snowmobile (in some case even the driver, like while crossing a frozen lake)

-While curling

-While playing goalie in your Sr Men's Rec league on Weds nights

This is an easy, Canadian, book that can fit into your life - especially if you are feeling you need to add a bit more Canadian content. I found it easy to relate to, which is of some concern to me, and very funny. This one did not contain the patented handyman humour/disaster stories. No, this book was more of a guide to life, midlife. There was a lot of 'old guy' jokes and just humourous commentary on getting on in life. There was a disturbing theme veiled under all fo these jokes though. A constant repetition about being a failure in life, amounting to nothing, not being able to follow simple social etiquette even at a ripe old age...but, it's ok b/c most men turn out this way. Haha, so true, which makes it all the more funny.

Another great installment by Steve Smith.


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