Friday, June 22, 2012


Your Key to Understanding the SHATNERVERSE and the world at large

Make sure you do not ever yell, 'beam me up Scotty' to Shatner, if for some reason you see him in real life. Why? Because, he will tell you to F*** off!
Yes, just one of the many interesting tidbits of info Shatner reveals in his book Shatner Rules.
Somehow, Shatner's arrogant, crass, egotistical writing comes across as endearing. Why? Because, he reveals just enough of his 'real' personality to let you know it's all an act. He has created this 'William Shatner' persona that he 'plays' while doing interviews, attending conferences, or being roasted on Comedy Central. Bill, his real person, is much humbler and laid back with a focus on friends and family. Just another interesting thing that is revealed in this book.
Shatner rules is a hilarious, very very witty book outlining Shatner's philosophy on the success of his career. He calls it a memoir. I call it a laugh along satire of a self-help-life-consultant-autobiographical-career-building book WITH a bunch of Star Trek references peppering the pages.
Along with the Star Trek jokes, there are odd life stories such as the time Shatner sold his kidney stones for $75,000 - the money went to charity (ahh, how nice). There are tales of his music career; from trippy hippy ballads in the late 60's to his heavy metal scream fests he recorded at the ripe old age of 70 something! His vast and varied life and career experiences are made up a series of strange happenings. He attributes this all back to his number one rule - say 'yes'! Yes, opens doors which lead to more doors, with lead to more doors, an underground tunnel, a bridge, a window, other words, one thing leads to another and soon you find yourself headlining Sci-fi conventions, award ceremonies, TV shows, Records...
That's a rundown of the narrative. Now, what makes this book entertaining to read is the tone and attitude Bill puts into each page. It is chock full of jabs at those who mock him, especially his Star Trek career, and he totally takes ownership of those jokes. He mocks the mockers. It is hilarious, 'nuff said. Along with this mockery of the mockers, is a consistent joke about the William Shatner Brand where he encourages you to YouTube him doing this or that, or buy an audio version of his book (with his voice over), or just becoming another one of his multi million followers on Twitter.
Then there is the chapter on technology. I love when 'old' people talk tech. Apparently Shatner had a facebook account which was deleted because it was thought to be a fraud. Ouch. So, Shatner went to the Twittersphere and worked his magic there. I haven't checked out his account yet, but, I'm sure it's very good. And, good on him for going on the internet at such a ripe age.
You do not have to be a Star Trek fan to like this book, you just have to like a good sarcastic wit...and piles of egotistical references to The Universe According To Shatner.

This is the second Shatner book I've read and the difference is like night and day, human and Klingon, Warp speed and Mach 1...the last book was a serious Star Trek novel, this one (an equally fantasy filled adventure) a funny memoir. Both were excellent. Proving my point that Shatner is a good writer. He seems to do everything good. In some people's eyes he is a god...I wouldn't go that far, but, possibly admit I would seek his help as a life guide (I think Opera uses life guides or counsellors or something just as ridiculous).
Oh, and apparently he charges $75 for an autograph and a maximum ten second 'chat' at those Star Trek conventions.


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