Tuesday, July 31, 2012



Wow, what an interesting way to approach the cultural issues of masculinity, the power struggles in a marriage, and environmentalism. Red Green takes on these topics and many other deep and all encompassing aspects of life through the symbol of a car. The car seem to be used as the metaphor to delve into deep philosophical arguments, mostly dealing with North American culture. I missed the whole Love Story that was mentioned in the title, but, perhaps that was a narrative too deep for me to catch onto.
Now I see why I found this book in the 'Literature' section of the library, in the same aisle as Shakespeare, Wordworth, and other greats.
I never realized how decisive cars were in determining social class and even moral values. After reading this great philosophical work I feel enlightened...and, a bit lighter (in the physical sense) as well, since at two points I peed my pants - once a full bladder release, the other just a little. In terms an '86 Monte Carlo owner would understand - it was freakin' hilarious man.

Rating : READ

This was my second book in my dewey decimal countdown challenge. It was my 800 section pick. Quick read which helped me get through the intimidating literature section of the dewey decimal system. Now onto 700s...sports.

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