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If even a drop of the claims Michael makes in this book are true, then my farthest flung cynical thoughts on the US are also true. Furthest flung thoughts I will stress. These are the unbelievable conspiracy theories you hear about every once in a blue moon from distant left field that sound too awful to be true. The best one: that George W. started the war in Iraq and Afghanistan to make some money on an oil pipeline or two. Imagine, one guy having that power and motivation to start a war or two for a few all mighty bucks? From the way Moore tells it, that is more or less what happened. He backs up his claim with fact after fact, and by bringing forth all of the questionable relationships Bush and his companies had with say, the Osamas? He is a master at highlighting all the hypocracy that comes up with Bush or the US government. I have to say, I would not want to be the opponent of Moore on any level of a debate. He makes a case, and he makes it sound so convincing.
This book is more or less a critical look at how George W. Bush and his government reacted after the September 11th attacks. For me, it was an eye opener. From my vantage point, being a Canadian University student, I was from another country and at a point in my life where I was so self consumed I barely recognized the scale of the events that took place. All I really remember was thinking, 'oh crud, this tighter security means I'm going to have to get a passport to get into the US to do some shopping'. This book quickly gave me a rundown of the patriot act and how the laws and rights of people were dramatically changed from a free open democracy to a secretive big brother type deal.
From there the conspiracy theories start racking up. They range from Bush starting a war for his oil pipeline deal, the news media being highjacked by right wing money, international bribery and coersion, big corporations continuing to feed citizens fear to keep the money rolling in...and on and on.
Michael brings outstanding arguments to prove his theories and after hearing them all I wholeheartedly believed him. But, then, realizing if I did believe him, the entire world would be so f*&4 up that there would really no point in believing in anything anymore; from any politician and any mainstream news company. This book is scarier than anything in the horror section.
Then to top it off, he continued for a few more chapters, drilling home how terrible the 'right' / repulican's ideas are for the country and how they get away with it all.
By the time he was through I was thinking, 'Dude, where is your country?' From Moore's perspective the US has been hijacked by a small minority of fear mongering fat cats who are brainwashing the proles into following their every word...there was an eerie moment when he quoted 1984 and every word sounded like a fact. Scary.
Luckily, I'm a border away, with universal health care, a decent minimum wage, and...a similar right leaning leader (uh, oh).
I have to say the writing style was grade A. Very easy to read and get into. It was set up nicely, asking question after question to really bring home the hypocracey points. I could feel my blood pressure spiking with each question posed, as I'm sure Moore intended. I also loved the humour he laced throughout the book - that sarcastic witty, sometimes absurd comedy, that I personally think is hilarious.
I want him to look into our country next. See what he can dig up on Harper?


I listed to this on audiobook. I kind of wished Michael had voiced this one himself. I think it would have made the book a bit more enjoyable if you could hear Michael getting worked up.

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