Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Discovering a Sense of Wonder Through The Seasons

A granola-crunchy wholesome book about connecting you, and your family, with the earth. It is a nice mix of inspiring moments, seasonal activities, and crafts - all focusing on finding that natural rhythm of the ever revolving seasons. The book is split into four parts (spring, summer, fall, winter) and each part follows a similar format - a couple of personal journal type entries by Amanda and Stephen Soule that reflect on the way their family reacts/celebrates each season. Followed by an activity and craft (or a few) that are relevant to the season (making soup, collecting leaves or other naturey things, yoga in the park, etc). 
Reading through this book, like with the other Soulemama books, I am reminded to slow down, smell the roses, and keep life simple. It made me want to continue teaching my kids about trees and plants...and build that mystical bond with earth, the wind, the sky...I know, it sounds a little far fetched, slightly embarrassing, nudist-colony-hippie-type thinking...but, it's true (not the nudist part).
Compared to the other books by Amanda (Soulemama), this one had a different feel and style. I think it was the vastly different writing style of Stephen (Soulepapa). He seemed to take a different perspective on things; almost like taking a step back to get that larger panoramic view. I found his writing style edging on poetic and rather wordy. Amanda's on the other hand felt more personal somehow, and easier to connect with. It was just simple, in an easy going kind of way. It was interesting, in a literary way, to see the different writing styles on the same topics. However, personally I enjoyed reading Amanda better than Stephen (sorry, Stephen).
I would say read the other Soulemama books first (if you haven't), then read through her blog, before getting around to reading this one. But, be sure to put it on your list of must read granola-crunchy wholesome books.


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