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When you think, John Grisham, most likely humour writing does not come to mind. You probably think more along the lines of thrillers about lawyers from down south. If I'm right, now is the time to change that. Do it with this book. This one is not about lawyers, it's about an accountant.  

Luther, the accountant I mentioned, and his wife decide to 'skip Christmas'. Their daughter is going to be out of the country and they've decided instead of feeling sad they'd go on a cruise instead. Makes sense right? Christmas, and all the events surrounding it, cost a lot of money, time, effort, and are really stressful. Just skip it all and save enough to go on a fabulous vacation.
Sounds like a dream when you read it while in the midst of the Christmas season.
I love how Grisham brings up all the pain points that drive you mad. The excessive presents. The work parties. The charities upping their pressure for handouts. The decorating. The guilt, the costs, the stress...
The book brings to light how difficult it would be to miss this event. When you actually stand back and think about it the social pressures we have put on us, they are immense. Luther's brilliant plan is tested over and over. With a stubborn, almost superhuman, will he manages to squeak through all the situations that pop up from the neighbors and coworkers...with only small pangs of guilt and shame. Until Xmas eve when his daughter busts his little bubble. She has managed to get a flight and will be home in hours...and is expecting the usual Xmas events.
I will spoil it and let you know that it all works out. Maybe not in the ideal way, but, being a Christmas tale it has to end happy...right?
This is one of those books I recommend over and over. It is quick and easy to read. So easy to relate to and makes you feel good. Lots of laughs too. It may also change the way you think about John Grisham.


This book led to the wonderful movie Christmas with the Kranks. Even though it stars Tim Allen, whom I don't particularly like, I found the movie really funny. I would say the book is better, especially in the explanation on why they are skipping Xmas, but, the mad scramble at the end is better in the movie.

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