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I started this book for the sole purpose of being able to chat about it around the water cooler. About a year ago it seemed that everyone was reading this book, and being a self proclaimed 'bookworm' it was almost a requirement to be up to date on the most popular book in a generation. So, I started it June 12th, has taken me almost a year (and 50 odd books later) to finish it. That should speak (metaphorical) volumes about the writing. I'm still left wondering why millions of people read THIS book?
To help you out, I will outline all of the important points of the, you do not have to read it, but, can still be part of the conversation if it were ever to come up again.
1) A bright budding College grad, named Anastasia, has a chance encounter with hard nose business guru Christian Grey. She ends up giving him what nobody else seems to be able to give him - a challenge, a fight, some backtalk...this interests him.
2) He pursues her on the sly. It seems an unlikely thing as he is a man-of-the-moment business celebrity and she is a volkswagen drivin', converse shoe wearin', college girl.
3) Against the odds they 'hook up'...and it's mindblowing...and graphic!
4) They continue the mindblowing 'stuff' and it turns is where the GREY TIE comes in. It's silk. He ties her hands to a bedpost.
5) Christian then shows her his 'playroom' which has all sorts of whips, chains, and torturous sounding things...against all logic Anastasia stays.
6) Now comes the CONTRACT. Yes, there is a contract written up on exactly what Anastasia is expected to do. Mirroring Christian Grey's personality, it is very controlling, right down to what she can eat, how much she is to sleep...again, against all common sense Anastasia signs.
7) Kinky things happen; whips, spankings...I guess a look into the world of S&M (sic, not sure of the exact term?)
8) There is a lot of repetition, not to be too graphic, but, yes on that front, and on the 'relationship' part. The typical, "does he love me or does he love me not?" is in endless cycle here.
9) Finally at the end Anastasia gives up trying to live this extreme life and comes to the conclusion that Grey is beyond help.

There's a quick outline of the book. If you find yourself in a conversation about this book just remember to blurt out the key words - "contract", "grey tie", or "playroom" and I have no doubts that someone will take that topic and run with it. 
I found at many points throughout the book the writing was very bland and mediocre; both the prose and the actual plot. Which is what left me wondering what the buzz was all about? Really, the only thing that made this book different than a cheap paperback romance was the graphic sex scenes. The characters did not seem all that believable, with the exception of Mr. Grey - he was a well written character who did come across as truly controlling and messed up to the nines.
If you never get around to reading this book don't worry about it, you are not missing too much.


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  1. Thanks for taking one for the team, Matt! That's pretty much what I've heard about the book, and I remain amazed that it's so popular. Part of that is the herd instinct--"everyone's reading it so it must be good." But it makes me wonder about people's fantasies, too. Always feel a bit like washing up after handling the library's copies.