Monday, January 25, 2016



- Louis L'Amour -

A no-named drifter was just "passin' through" your typical Western town. Sat down for a drink at the local saloon. Ended up shooting a prominent local gunslinger.
Passin' Through was the name he was given, but, passing through was not what he ended up doing. There was a big stinkin' pile of trouble that he stepped in while passin' through, and as a good hearted western man he cleaned it up - with his fists and his guns.
This novel was a quick and exciting read. It was slightly different than many other L'Amour novels in that the hero - Passin' Through - does not win every battle. He does win the war, but, he takes a few bullets, loses half of his blood, and needs a few weeks to heal some broken ribs.
Deep down I think this book was a lesson about karma. Just my thoughts.
This book is available on Amazon - PASSIN THROUGH

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