Wednesday, April 5, 2017



James Bond #6

- Ian Fleming -

If you only read one Bond novel, make it this one! Dr. No is that great mix of action/adventure, an out of this world eccentric villain, and of course a happy ending with a 'Bond Girl'. As an added bonus, any Austin Powers fans will get a real kick out of Dr. No, who is no doubt the inspiration for the movie's Dr. Evil.
This bond adventure is even more unbelievable than his other assignments. In this book he discovers a madman (Dr. No) has been building a secret hideout on an island in the Caribbean. The twist is that the island is made of bird excrement (no joke).
Turns out the crazy doctor likes to do experiments on people. His forte is testing pain thresholds and things of that nature (ie he has a huge torture fetish).
Yet, as in classic spy novel style, Dr. No is a highly civilized man who treats his captives kindly, providing a nice meal and luxurious accommodations before he does his experiments. He has a very impressive parlour where he entertains Bond, a room that has a window into the sea, a window that cost "1 million dollars!" (again, no joke!).
There are many strange and eccentric henchman, impossible sounding vehicles, unbelievable Dr. No pain experiments, and action packed misadventures that make you want to keep turning the pages of this book.
I was overjoyed with this book and to make things even better I had picked it up at a yard sale for fifty cents! It was that classic cover in the pic above too. You don't have to wait for a yard sale, you can order it on Amazon right now - Doctor No

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