Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The Colour Of Magic

Irrelevant, illogical, borderline insane.

Yet, imaginative, inventive, and irresistible.

This book has it all, or at least most. There are characters that are out of this world, literally. The world is out of this world, literally. And, the plot is so faint it doesn’t get in the way, however, it does gently glide the story along like a gentle summer breeze.

This is the first book in the well known Discworld series. Discworld is a made up land where almost anything goes. The laws of time, space, and sometimes gravity do not apply. There is magic, magical creatures, magical luggage…overall, all things magic. This land is completely unbelievable and you will need to let go of reality to even have a chance at enjoying this book. But, that’s the point I think? You don’t run across many adult books where the imagination is free to roam, but, you do here.

Trying to explain what happens in this novel will make anyone sound a bit crazy. I’ll give it good try though. There is a cowardly unwizard (never graduated wizard school) who runs across this tourist with a magic luggage chest. They end up burning down the town, destroying a giant one eyed monster, falling off the edge of the earth…in a ‘spaceship’. All the while being followed by the tourist’s luggage, by Death himself, and Fate (who is in competition with Lady Destiny). Crazy? No, in fact it’s a highly intelligent satire. Including some thinly veiled comparisons between deadly magic and nuclear radiation. I believe there is a lot more than I could comprehend on my first pass through.

I found the book a slow read, but I mean this in the very best way possible. Pratchett makes every word count, so I took my time savouring every phrase, every metaphor, every syllable! You really have to read it to know what I mean.Apparently these Disworld books are so popular there have been many more published. They seem to have a bit of a cult following.

Conclusion: It must be good.

I thought it was good, not mind-blowing mind you. But, partway between Great and Good. Good+ if it were a grade.


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