Tuesday, August 21, 2012



- Terry Pratchett -

Another tale full of magic and humour in that wonderful land of Discworld.
The magic is supplied by three witches, who gripe, groan, insult, cast spells, talk jibberish, and eventually save a kingdon. They eat apples and fly 'beater' broomsticks that would not pass any sort of environmental emission control test nowadays. They even manage to fast forward time for fifteen years...which from my previous 'research' into Star Trek books completely bypasses any logic with regard to space time continuum...anyway, nerd cap off...there is even garden gnome jokes. What more could you ask for? It was another wonderful read in the Discworld series.

For a light hearted humorous book I have to admit I was surprised that I had to go and find a dictionary. We all know this Pratchett fellow can turn a phrase, and now I'm coming to realize find the absolute perfect word to describe something...even words I don't quite know the meaning of. So not only did I have a few laughs but I expanded my vocabulary. Here is the list of words I looked up; what I thought they meant and the real meanings...

Gregarious - does not mean flamboyant or gaudy dress as I thought. It means a group or being social.
Moorland - is not a place in spain. It is just a general term for hard scrubland.
Heather - is not just a name for a girl. It refers to bushes found on the moorland (see above).
Impetuous - does not mean being rude. It means vehement...which sent me on another trip through the dictionary. It ends up meaning violent or intense.


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