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What a ride (that was both praise...and shock). Samantha puts down some of the more memorable and humorous moments of her life in this biography of sorts. We start with her childhood - that explains a lot. Then onto her rebellious teen years. Her short stint in crime. Onto an animal story. Her experiences with the male organ. Then a giant rant about putting in some thought when giving a present.
The writing is overly wordy, filled with funny pop references, packed with sexual jokery, and is constantly off topic. But, done very well for that kind of writing. It's the kind of writing that makes you pay attention, in order to get the references and the word play, it sucks you in and takes you away from reality. You are vacuumed (hoovered up) into Samantha's book world and left feeling a bit shocked but in a good mood.
She starts the book off with a few classic Canadian childhood memories. Like going camping or tagging along with a couple while they honeymoon on the East Coast (including taking over their motel room when it rained - and it rained a lot). The Canadian experience continues when Sam starts to date a boy whose family, recently immigrated to Canada, does not approve of her and her Canadian ways. With this boy she helps commit car theft. Ah, true northern spirit. Then onto those awkward feathered hair years trying to catch older boys at heavy metals concerts and county fairs. We've all been there eh? Then the early adult experience of trying to live with roommates. Sam-wiched in with these stories are Sam's recollections of family pets, all shapes and sizes - there were many. As well, she often has a good side story on the more risk-eh? topics to add in the mix. So, overall very funny, very interesting, and could be considered a great Canadian work of some parts of the country (I'm thinking way way up North).

Rating: Read

Additional note: The cover is also appealing to children. They like bees. Or, people dressed as bees.

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