Wednesday, November 7, 2012



We get to meet the Night Watch in this 8th Discworld novel by Pratchett. You gotta love a ragtag bunch of losers who have no recognizable talents and put no effort into their jobs whatsoever, yet, somehow seem to come out on top. This is the kind of situations that bring out the best in a character...or at least makes them memorable. Carrot, Knobbly (sic), Colon, and the other guy are now etched into that happy spot in my brain.
This toasty offering is just bubbling with laughs. Not only do we have the incompetent Night Watch, but there is a Crazy cat, Crazy dragon lady, a hilarious bunch of argumentative 'brothers', an angry librarian ape, and a dragon in heat. Image the story you can forge with all those characters.
I rank it up there as one of the better Discworlds I have read so far. 

Funny, as with some of the previous Discworld novels, I can barely recall the actual story line(s). What I vividly recall is a patchwork of funny scenes or one of the hilarious discussions/arguments. The book leaves me with more of a feeling than a distinct memory. A good, funny, happy feeling. Strange...


P.S. Think Carrot top.

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