Wednesday, November 28, 2012


(Sacketts #6)

Another classic Western story where a tough kid from the East brings justice to a fledgling town in the wild West. Apparently, this is number six in a series, yet it felt like both a stand alone novel or the beginning of an epic series. It starts at the beginning (haha), when two brothers, Tyrel and Orrin Sackett, take off to the open country of the West. They face a pile of obstacles; natives, roughnecks, gamblers, drunks, land grabbers...all the common villain types. They end up settling in a small town and start rachin'. From there the two brothers build different lives; Orrin goes into politics, Tye becomes town Sheriff. From there, the big trouble begins. Orrin marries into a family that turns out to be pretty nasty and Tye, as Sheriff, has to shoot down a few people. The ending leaves us with a safe town free of any 'bad guys'. Yet, both brothers have some unfinished business with Orrin's former wife and Father-in-law. As a spoiler, I know this feud between the Sacketts and the Pritts continues on for many books.
Looking over reviews of this book it becomes pretty apparent that readers both love Louis L'Amour and this particular book. There seems to be a read admiration for Tyrel as well. To me, he just seems like all the other good-hearted cowboys in these books. It's interesting to see what motivated people to read this book. Some by accident, some recommended, some because their Father or Grandfather read these books. Many seem to have the same reaction I have, that they really enjoy this genre, even though they'd never consider reading them before. Very interesting.
This particular book I read in LARGE-PRINT format. It was one of the many books I picked up at the box of books for $5 auction. Glad I picked it up. Next year I know to not just glance over the Western section, but, scoop it up!


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