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In all of the previous L'Amour books I have read the protagonist is always a straight shootin', law abiding, good-right-down-to-the-last-corner-of-their-heart, hardworking cowboy. This book has an outlaw as the main character. You'd think, quite a change?
As it turns out, in the end this outlaw was just as good hearted as the others. A point that Louis points out various times through the book. It's just the way of the Western gotta love it.
As I mentioned above we have a bank robber. Him and a posse of similar criminals plan to rob a bank that has never been robbed before. The untouchable bank. One located in a town where their civic pride is that their bank has never been robbed. The entire population's second job is to keep watch over this bank...ok, maybe not that far, but, you get the point. This is an impossible mission.
However, there is one weakness: the Sheriff. Him and this bank robber, Considine, were once friends but are now on either side of the law...and they both fought over the same woman. Considine uses this to his advantage. He rides into town, picks a fist fight with the Sheriff and draws a crowd, thereby distracting everyone from the bank, which can now be robbed.
The plan works and the outlaws get away. Then comes the travel through the desert, which I think is L'Amour specialty, where upon they come across some tracks. Turns out there is a young lady and her Father being followed by Apache.
What are the outlaws to do?
Keep running from the law or risk death and capture by staying to help these semi-strangers.
Any decent Western Man would stay.
The ending in this one is great, full of action and suspense...and a bit of a surprise. Definitely ended on a high note. Almost makes you sad when you turn that last page.


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