Wednesday, March 27, 2013


(Discworld #13)

- Terry Pratchett -

Another wonderful Discworld novel. One of the many Pratchett books that is full of funny from front to back. Terry's writing is bang on with Small Gods; endless one liners, hard hitting (hence, hilarious) satire, and a cast of comedic characters...'onna stick' anyone?
As with other Discworld novels, it's not the actual plot that makes this a book you want to tell your friends about (provided they have a similar sense of humour, mind you), it's the rest. The actual plot involves Brutha having his religion challenged by a small God named Om. Om is a tortoise with one follower -  Brutha. But, the journey (a very mocking journey) through a strict religious order, over the desert, around some philosophers, and back is (as it sounds) very entertaining. It's one of those situation where you take a step back, remove yourself emotionally, and take out that 'critical-eye' magnifying glass you ordered on amazon...and laugh at the absurd way religion, philosophy, and democracy run themselves...add in the 'onna stick' street vendor and you've got some good laughs.
Call your Gods and tell them to tell their followers to read this book.


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  1. Love your last line, Bookworm! I haven't finished yet, but already there's been some food for thought in the way a god only lives as long as he has true believers--and those who worship out of fear, greed, etc., don't count.

    Though of course I'm thinking that Omism won't go away when Om does. Religion has a way of clinging on after god is dead.