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A mix of laugh your a$$ off and the realization that your are not the only one in the world with a strange family. There is so much in this book to laugh at and so much to relate to. I'm sure we've all had those moments where we question what our parents say then laugh till you cry with siblings when retelling it later. Halpern has a great way of sharing his moments like this with us through short stories and straight up quotes. I think it also helps that his Dad uses a lot of profane language.
The 'stuff' his Dad says ranges from almost random thoughts to just annoying jackass sayings. One of the more random quotes I found hilarious was on the topic of lying. It went something like, son do not lie. The worst thing is to be a liar, well actually being a Nazi is worse. So, first being a Nazi, but, then being a liar.
I also laughed so hard at the scene where Halpern's Dad makes a jackass out of himself. It starts off at baseball practice when some kid comes up to Halpern and says, 'my Dad says your Dad is an a*****'.  Halpern is just about to defend his Dad when he is hit hard in the shins by a ball. "Get your head outta your a$$ and pay attention!" The voice - his Father. The ball that hit his shin, on purpose - from his Father. Great timing Dad!
By then end of the book you are left sore from laughing and, strangely, filled with a sense of admiration for Halpern's Dad. Even though he is sometimes a hard ass who should think before he talks it's very apparent he always has the best intentions in mind and truly loves his kids.


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